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Mission Bay News & Updates

Warriors Victory Parade Monday 6/20

In celebration of The Golden State Warriors’ championship the Warriors Victory Parade will start Monday 6/20 at 11:20am at Market & Main and end at 2pm at 6th St.

Market Street for our East, West and CCA route stops at Civic Center and Powell stations will be inaccessible all day. Where to catch us:

Civic Center: Mission @ 7th Street (Muni Stop ID 331418)
Powell: Mission @ 4th Street (Muni Stop ID 13160)

16th & Illinois stop will be unavailable.  Please use stop at 730 TFB instead.

Parade Info


Warriors Playoff Games

The Golden State Warriors will play Game 5 of the NBA Finals at home.

Game 5 is scheduled for Monday, June 13. Game time is 6pm.

Please expect heavy traffic throughout the afternoon commute.


BART Stations escalator and entrance closures

Civic Center Station entrance at 8th and Market: Expected reopening November 2022.
Montgomery St. Station western platform: Expected reopening June 2022.
Powell St. Station eastern platform: Expected reopening July 2022.
Embarcadero Station eastern platform: Expected reopening September 2022.
Embarcadero Station entrance at Davis and Market: Expected reopening January 2023.

Masks once again required on BART

On April 28, the BART Board of Directors approved a temporary amendment to the District’s Code of Conduct to require riders to wear masks in paid areas of the system with limited exceptions. This requirement applies to trains and all portions of stations beyond the fare gates. Children ages two and under as well as people with medical conditions that prevent them from wearing masks are exempt from the mandate. The rule is effective until July 18, 2022, unless it is extended by the BART Board.

Free masks are available at station agent booths and from all safety staff. As with the previous federal mandate, BART PD will continue its education-based enforcement of the mask requirement by offering free masks to anyone who needs one before taking any enforcement action which could include a citation up to $75 or being ejected from the paid area.

BART has installed MERV 14 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) air filters on all train cars. These filters are dense enough to trap the virus and provide an extra layer of protection to riders. Air is replaced every 70 seconds onboard cars mixing filtered air with fresh air. That means the circulation on BART train cars is better than most offices. In addition, all BART employees are fully vaccinated.

Please note: The Mission Bay Shuttle strongly urges transit riders to continue to mask for their own, and the ongoing safety of others.

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