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Transbay and BART Price Increase

TransBay bus fares will cost $0.50 more, starting January 1, 2020.

BART also raises its fares as of January 1st.  Price increases depend on the length of your trip.


The 409-499 Illinois stop is now at 16th & Illinois. It is in the new white passenger loading zone on the Chase Center side of the street.  When this stop is closed due to events at Chase Center, use the stop at 730 TFB.

Ferry Service

Tideline is offering service between the Berkeley Marina, Pier 1.5 in San Francisco (Ferry Building), and Pier 52 in Mission Bay.  One-way, roundtrip, and monthly passes are available.

From Berkeley to Pier 52 is $12.50 each way; $25 roundtrip

From Pier 1.5 (near the Ferry Building) to Mission Bay, the price is $3 each way.

The vessel capacity is 44 people; reservations are suggested.

There are 2 morning departures from Berkeley at 7:10 am and 8:35 am.  The trip takes 45 minutes including the stop at the Ferry Building.

The two evening departures leave Mission Bay at 4:30 pm and 5:50 pm.

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Getting to Chase Center

From Powell or Civic Center:
Take the East Route

From Embarcadero or Transbay Terminal:
Take the Caltrain-Transbay Route

Your event ticket is also your free MUNI ride (same day only)!

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