Passenger Rules

Note: Masks are not required. The Mission Bay Shuttle strongly urges transit riders to continue to mask for their own, and the ongoing safety of others.

For the safety and comfort of everyone

The Mission Bay shuttle is provided by the Mission Bay business and residential communities and is a privilege.  The shuttle is intended for Mission Bay employees, residents and visitors traveling between BART, Caltrain and Mission Bay member destinations.  We reserve the right to refuse service to those who do not follow the following: 

Passengers are expected to conduct themselves appropriately while waiting for the bus and once aboard the shuttle.  The following rules apply to all passengers while riding the bus or at bus stops:

  • No eating, drinking, littering, or smoking on the bus
  • No abusive, intimidating, rude or disruptive behavior or language to other passengers OR the driver.  No shouting or excessive noise (from music, conversation, or other means)
  • No graffiti or other physical damage to the vehicle or at bus stop facilities
  • No tampering with emergency doors, windows, securement or other safety devices at any time
  • No hanging arms, head or other body parts out of windows
  • No throwing things into or out of the vehicle at any time
  • No blocking traffic or approaching the bus in an unsafe manner
  • Boarding and de-boarding is ONLY at designated bus stops.  The bus will not stop for you once it has departed from a bus stop.
  • No standing in front of the white “limit line” in front of the bus.  At-capacity buses will not stop to board additional passengers.
  • Aisles must be kept clear for passage at all times.  Strollers and other carry-on items may not block aisles and/or the passage of other passengers.  It is up to the passenger to carry, fold, store and control such items while on the bus without assistance from the driver.  Drivers will assist patrons with disabilities upon request.
  • Use caution when moving about the bus when the bus is in motion.  A reckless or otherwise unsafe action that may cause harm to others or disrupt service is prohibited.
  •  It is the passenger’s responsibility to restrain or otherwise secure infants, small children or others while riding to prevent falling and/or injury in the event the bus makes a sudden stop, turn, or other such action.
  • Use caution when boarding and de-boarding the bus.
  • Wheelchair lifts may ONLY be used to board and de-board wheelchair passengers.
  • Service animals must remain under the control of their owner and stay on the floor at all times.
  • Customers must load/unload bikes from the rack.  Please return the rack to closed position after removing your bike.


Passengers who do not abide by the above rules may lose the privilege of riding the bus or may be subject to civil penalties (California Penal Code Section 640).  Parents and/or legal guardians are responsible for any damage caused by their children.    Thank you for your cooperation in making the shuttle a pleasant experience for everyone.

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