MB Shuttle Service at a Glance

Service Mon-Fri

EastPowell BART, Civic Ctr455 MBBS (Nektar), MBBB @ 3rd, SF Library (Caltrain), LongBridge @ El Dorado, 409-499 Illinois, Chase Center, Dropbox
WestPowell BART, Civic CenterOwens @ Gene Friend; Berry St @ King and 5th
TransbayEmbarcadero BART, Above plus Mission at Spear St.
Transbay Terminal,181 Fremont St, 500 Howard St.
4th & Library (Caltrain)Berry & King Sts.
Berry @ King and Mission Creek
CCACivic Center BARTCCA, 100 Hooper (Adobe)

Getting to Chase Center

From Powell or Civic Center:
Take the East Route

From Embarcadero or Transbay Terminal:
Take the Caltrain-Transbay Route

Your event ticket is also your free MUNI ride (same day only)!

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