Fare Increase: On Monday, January 1, 2024, BART fares will increase by 5.5%. The average fare will increase by 23 cents. You can calculate new fares by selecting a January 1 date using BART’s Trip Planner and online Fare Calculator.

Discount Increase: Clipper START discount will increase from 20% to 50%. Low income riders will now pay half the regular fee on BART.

BART Discounts

  • Youth 5-18 years old get 50% off with a Youth Clipper card.
  • Seniors 65 and over get 62.5% off with a Senior Clipper card.
  • Low-income riders get 50% off starting Jan. 1, 2024, through the regional Clipper START program, available to adult riders earning 200% or less of the federal poverty level.
  • The RTC Clipper card is a version of Clipper created for passengers under 65 with qualifying disabilities for 62.5% off fares.
  • BART offers a “High-Value Discount.” Adult Clipper cards get a 6.25% discount on cash value rides by buying $48 worth of value for $45 or $64 worth of value for $60 when autoload is set up.

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