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This annual survey helps us plan service for the coming year based on your needs and opinions.  The survey takes less than 3 minutes and your responses are anonymous. 

The survey is at: http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07ed0i91kkir7zxiyj/start

Thank you for your participation.




Several adjustments to the MB Shuttle schedules were recently implemented.  Here's a quick overview of them:


 1.  The BART stop for early morning LOOP service is in the white passenger loading zone on 5th Street just before Market Street.  (This is a loading zone between the side entrance to San Francisco Centre and the corner)  Shuttles stop here to load and unload riders between 6am and 7:05am only.  After 7:05am, all shuttles stop on Mission Street.


2.  We've added time to runs after 8am and after 5pm to reflect new traffic conditions.  The EAST route buses also avoids Townsend Street .  Caltrain riders can get off the shuttle at 4th & China Basin (across from the Library).  If there are no Caltrain riders, drivers may deviate from the route and return to Mission Street either via the Third St. Bridge or 7th Street, depending on traffic. Morning EAST route buses also return to Mission Street via Third or Fourth Street.  These route deviations mean NextBus predictions are off in the BART-bound direction between the stop on Illinois Street and Mission St.  


This 'flex routing' East buses are using over the next few weeks should inform us as we plan for the future and identify a permanent route that avoids the heavily congested 4th & Townsend area.  


Timetables effective August 29th:

East Route and Loop

West Route and Loop

Transbay and Caltrain















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