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MTC seeking feedback on how to improve clipper card

MTC is conducting a survey about how to improve the popular Clipper Card.  We encourage you to give them feedback about things like mobile and credit card payments, integrating bike share and other services.  You may also leave comments in general.  The deadline to take this survey is January 15th.  The Clipper survey can be found here:  http://futureofclipper.com.  

You can also send a customized comment at:  feedback@futureofclipper.com.  



We have several service improvements and changes pending for early 2015.  The first one is  a Caltrain Depot route which is designed to more efficiently get riders between Mission Bay and the Caltrain Station.  There will also be 3 runs to the TransBay Terminal in the morning and evening on this new route. 


Two larger capacity buses will replace smaller buses on the East route to alleviate overcrowding.  


Ttiming revisions are also being made to more accurately reflect current traffic conditions between Mission Bay and the Powell BART station on all routes.


We have been informed that the block of 4th Street between King and Townsend will become one-way in February, and that we will no longer be able to stop directly in front of Caltrain.  This is part of the Central Subway construction project.  We're working with SFMTA to identify proximate stops and how buses can be rerouted to avoid delays on 4th St.  As soon as these crucial details are resolved, we'll be better able to identify a firm start date, new routing and stops for the new schedule. 







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