Parking Facilities & Rates

Public Parking Facilities at Mission Bay:


450 South St. Garage                                 
1670 Owens St. Garage                
UCSF Third St. Garage                   
UCSF Owens St. Garage
UCSF Hospital Garage (Owens south of 16th)
(UCSF garages are open 24/7)   
Most garage parking costs $2 every 30 minutes; $24 daily.              
Parking Meters at Mission Bay
Parking meters operate every day; many have maximum pricing and hours on Special Event days such as Giants games.  Pricing per hour is dynamic, which means it can change hourly based on demand. Costs range from $2 to $8 per hour.
Pricing during baseball games and at other special events at AT&T Park will be at higher rates.

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