SFMTA will be replacing all parking meters in San Francisco. Approximately half the parking meters in the City will be upgraded to new single-space parking meters.  The other half, including Mission Bay will get multi-space paystations with a new pay-by-license-plate parking system. The new meters have several benefits:

  • Larger and more legible screens
  • More intuitive user interface
  • More resistant to vandalism
  • More powerful batteries, so meters will remain operational a much higher percentage of the time

Here’s how the pay-by-plate meters work:

  • Instead of entering your space number to pay for parking, you will enter your license plate number.
  • When you pull into a parking space, head to the nearest paystation on the block, or reach for your smartphone to use the PayByPhone app, key in your license plate number and pay.
  • Since the PayByPhone app stores your license plate number, you won’t have to remember or type it in every time when using the app.

New overhead signage and decals on the paystations will let you know that the pay-by-plate system is in effect

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