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Car Sharing

Need a car sometimes, but not all the time?  Join a car-sharing programand take advantage of special rates for Mission Bay employees and residents!  Reserve a car just when you need one – hourly and daily rates include gas and insurance!  You have access to cars 24/7; 365 days a year.  Membership also gives you access to cars throughout each vendor’s system – in the Bay Area and country-wide! 

Both City Carshare and Zipcar have vehicles available throughout the Mission Bay Area.  You’ll find more than a dozen cars of various makes and models at the following locations:

  • 2nd & King St (Zipcar)
  • 4th & Caltrain (Zipcar)
  • 355 Berry St (Zipcar)
  • 8th & Townsend (Zipcar)
  • 3rd & 16th St (City Carshare)
  • UCSF Third Street Garage (City Carshare)

For more information, or to join (you can join either or both programs):



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