Bus Stop Name Serves
4th @ Library (Caltrain) 200 King, 201 King St.
BOSA    207 King
Amici’s   216 King
Quizno’s   217 King
Marble Slab   219 King
AIM Mailing   221 King
Supercuts   223 King
NAMA Restaurant  225 King
Rich Sorro Commons 225 King
AT&T    236 King
Burger Joint   238 King
The Beacon  250, 290 King
Pacific Dental Spa  255 King
Furry Tales   255 King
Radical Tan   255 King
Chase Bank   255 King
Avalon at Mission Bay 255, 351 King
Beacon CMA   266 King
Tan Bella   272 King
MIZU Spa   274 King
Starbuck’s  280 King
Wells Fargo Bank  286 King
Safeway   298 King
4th St at  Public Library


San Francisco Public Library; King and Berry addresses,  Caltrain
Mission Bay Blvd South at Nektar Gap & Old Navy: 500 Terry Francois Blvd;
Meraki, Wix:  550 Terry Francois Blvd;
Nektar, Bayer:  555 MBBS;
UCSF (various on MBBS, Third streets
Mission Bay Blvd North @ 3rd Family House, UCSF (various);
Residences on Third, Fourth, China Basin
Owens St. (at Mission Bay Conference Center and Gladstone) Celgene: 1500 Owens (UCSF Orthopaedics )
Gladstone Institutes: 1650 Owens 
Public Parking  1650 Owens
Alexandria, VA:  1700 Owens
Berry St. at Crescent Cove/
Mission Creek Park


Crescent Cove: 420 Berry, Mission Creek Park
Berry St. at 5th Street



Signature   235, 255 Berry, Avalon at Mission Bay353 Berry 
Mission Creek:  225 Berry
Arterra:  300 Berry
Park Terrace:  325 Berry
Mission Walk:   330, 335 Berry
Edgewater   355 Berry
Long Bridge @ El Dorado Residences along Long Bridge, Channel, 4th
16th @ 4th St 409-499 Illinois (temporary stop);
UCSF (various);
1800 Owens

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