The San Francisco and 22nd St Caltrain stations are closed on weekends until Spring, 2019. The entry to BART at The Hotel Whitcomb (Civic Center Station) has closed permanently.

Car Sharing

Need a car sometimes, but not all the time?  Join a car-sharing programand take advantage of special rates for Mission Bay employees and residents!  Reserve a car just when you need one – hourly and daily rates include gas and insurance!  You have access to cars 24/7; 365 days a year.  Membership also gives you access to cars throughout each vendor’s system – in the Bay Area and country-wide! 

Both City Carshare and Zipcar have vehicles available throughout the Mission Bay Area.  You’ll find more than a dozen cars of various makes and models at the following locations:

  • 2nd & King St (Zipcar)
  • 4th & Caltrain (Zipcar)
  • 355 Berry St (Zipcar)
  • 8th & Townsend (Zipcar)
  • 3rd & 16th St (City Carshare)
  • UCSF Third Street Garage (City Carshare)

For more information, or to join (you can join either or both programs):



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