Mission Bay TMA has partnered with Spin electric scooters to offer low-income employees a FREE MONTHLY PASS that allows them  30-minute rides, any time (including weekends). Rides can be from anywhere in San Francisco. (Rides may also be used for non-commute trips)

Here’s the the updated application for the employee program.


Are you enrolled in a local, state, or Federal benefits program? If so, you may be eligible for free scooter rides from Spin. Click here to learn more

Eligibility is simple!
• Employees must earn less than $50,000 to participate in this program
• Employees must work in Mission Bay
• Employees may be full time or part time
• Rides must be 30 minutes or less (additional time will be billed to the employee)
• Employee must have an email to receive Spin Passes
• Employee must have a Smart phone to reserve a Spin scooter
• Employee’s Manager must confirm income and workplace eligibility

The cost of a monthly pass will be subsidized for up to 3 months (valued at $75 per month, per employee) during this Pilot Program.

The Pilot will run through 2021.

Employees who don’t use a pass in the first 30 days will not be renewed for subsequent months.

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