2019 Shuttle Stop FAQ’s:

Why are we relocating our Powell Station stop?

SFMTA is downsizing and relocating the passenger loading and valet parking zone where we now stop as part of its Fifth Street Improvements.  In addition to adding protected bike lanes between Market Street and Townsend, right turns will also be prohibited from 5th onto Market Street.

As part of this reconfiguration, SFMTA approved a new Shuttle Zone (the only allowed use is by shuttles) at its former bus stop and shelter just across Market Street, on Cyril Magnin.  This stop is also closer to the BART and MUNI fare gates.


Why are we discontinuing the stop on 2nd Street?

As is planned on 5th Street, recently installed protected bike lane and narrowed vehicular lanes have virtually negated the white passenger loading zone here.  The new stop on Mission at Spear is a designated Shuttle Zone.  Embarcadero Station is proximate to the highest concentration of office buildings in FIDI; it also offers access to the Ferry Building.

Embarcadero Station has consistently been the top transit hub (other than Powell) riders choose for us to serve in past and current surveys.


How will travel times be affected by the new stops and routes? 

Travel times should be slightly better and more reliable.

East & West Route:  There are fewer delays on 5th Street coming into Mission Bay than on 4th (avoiding Moscone Center events), and we will also avoid delays turning on Market St between 4th & 5th.

Traveling from Mission Bay to Market St., riders will have the choice of boarding and getting off the bus at either Civic Center or Powell Station, making using the shuttle an option for more riders.

Transbay Route:  Travel time should be slightly better.  For those using the Transbay Terminal stop, the trip between Mission Bay and the Terminal will be shorter; the trip from Mission and Spear St (Embarcadero Station) will also be shorter as we will avoid Market St.


What were the results of the surveys conducted which informed these changes?

Of those who voted on the Powell-Civic Center change:  60% liked the change

Of those who voted on the Transbay change:  63% voted

A total of 250 responses were received

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