Starting August 1, MUNI will reinstate light rail service on the M and N lines; it will reinstate modified service on the K and L lines.  

In June, the following increases were implemented:

  • N Judah Bus: Will begin using longer 60-foot buses (weekdays)
  • 5 Fulton: Full route restored
  • 7 Noriega: Service restored as a shortened route between Ortega / 48th and Funston / Irving
  • 28 19th Avenue: Service extended north to California / 7th Avenue
  • 30 Stockton: Full route restored
  • 38 Geary: From 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. the outbound 38 Geary will go to Fort Miley / VA Hospital and end at Geary / 32nd instead of 48th / Point Lobos
  • 43 Masonic: Service restored as a shortened route between Masonic / Geary and Munich / Geneva
  • Increased frequencies on the L Bus, T Bus and 14R Mission Rapid (weekdays) and L Owl (daily)

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