August 26, 2020

The SFCTA is studying whether congestion pricing could help avoid gridlock when the economy recovers.  The planning agency has identified a large geographic swath that includes Mission Bay in a proposed Congestion Pricing Zone.

Outreach is going on NOW to get community feedback as to whether or not congestion pricing is something San Francisco should pursue, and if so, what the policy would look like.  Questions like:  what would the fees be; would there be any exemptions or reduced fees; and where should revenues go are all being explored.  Results from feedback received will help inform the SFCTA’s final report and recommendations which will be considered by the Board of Supervisors in January, 2021.  We urge you to learn more, get involved, and provide feedback, because if implemented, Mission Bay residents, employees and visitors would be significantly impacted.  Here’s what you can do:

Play Unclog Fog City 
Play a digital game that lets you design your own congestion pricing program.

Watch a Video
Project manager Colin Dentel-Post gives a study overview in this 15-minute video.

Participate in an Upcoming Event
Join SFCTA on September 1st for a workshop with SPUR and the SF Bicycle Coalition.

Complete a survey via text
For English: Text TRAFFIC  to 415-449-4214
For Spanish: Text TRAFICO  to 415-449-4214
For Chinese: Text 交通  to 415-449-4214
For Filipino: Text TRAPIK  to 415-449-4214

Get a Virtual Presentation
Sign up to have our project team present to your community group.

Visit the Study Webpage 
Visit the Downtown Congestion Pricing Study webpage to learn more about the study and sign up to receive email updates.

Share with your Friends
Share these opportunities to get involved on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

Contact Us
You can contact the project team at [email protected]

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