Clipper Cards

Clipper, the all-in-one electronic transit fare media, is now accepted on most Bay Area transit systems:

  • AC Transit
  • BART
  • Caltrain
  • Golden Gate Transit and Ferries
  • SFMTA Muni and Metro
  • SamTrans
  • VTA

You can load Clipper with any combination of cash and/or specific transit agency fares you want.  It can hold up to $300 in cash value at any time.  Clipper will automatically apply and track system-specific volume discounts, tickets, transfers, etc as you use it.  Even senior and other passes are now available on Clipper!


You can set Clipper to autmatically reload at either predetermined times (i.e., monthly), or when the balance drops below $10.

You can add values and make changes to your transit/fare allocations 24/7 online. You can also call the 24-hour service center or add value at most Bay Area Walgreen’s, California Check Cashing stores, as well as a transit agency ticket offices and BART ticket machines.

Employers can also offer Clipper cards to their employees as a commuter benefit through the Clipper Direct program.

For more information, visit Clipper at or call 877-878-8883

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